Win a Festool Rotex RO 150 Sander + CT 26 HEPA Dust Extractor!

Festool Rotex Sanders

If you could only own one sander, the Festool Rotex multi-mode sander should be the one! Why? Because the Rotex is capable of operating in several modes, making it arguably the most versatile sander on the planet. The newest addition to the Rotex line up, the RO 90 DX, promises to take sanding versatility to new levels with the addition of a delta-shaped detail sanding mode. Back that up by Festool's commitment to manufacturing products of the highest level of quality backed by a three-year warranty, and there's little reason not to consider adding a Rotex to your tool arsenal.

Watch Video of Rotex RO 90 DX

Aggressive Gear-Driven Mode.

Imagine flipping a switch and your Rotex engages its gear-driven mode. Transforming rough surfaces with startling power, stripping stubborn paints and other coatings, and making you the master of all materials. The aggressive mode delivers material removal like that of a grinder and makes your belt sander look like a toy. Shaving off hours of sanding, you quickly and easily achieve astonishing results.

Operates like a belt sander

Random Orbital Mode.

Flip the switch again and now you're operating in Random Orbit mode. Slip on the edge protector to prevent incidental contact with adjacent surfaces. Create sensationally smooth finishes with ease. Sit back in amazement as you gaze at the results you achieved with utter ease. Connected to a Festool dust extractor, work in a near-dust-free environment. Well-balanced, vibration-free. It's like a Zen sanding experience.

Finish sander

Polishing Mode.

Equip your Rotex with one of the many polishing pads, sponges, felts or sheepskin and you're ready to buff your finish to a gleaming luster. Use the variable speed setting to dial in the perfect polishing speed for more delicate finishes. With the RO 150, remove the dust channel and attach an auxiliary handle to enhance the ergonomics while you polish.

Polishing and buffing

Making sanding a more pleasant experience.

Sanding is probably the part of your projects that you tend to like the least. Why is that? Breathing the dust, the mess it makes, contaminating your surface with sanding particles prior to applying a finish, or maybe it's sandpaper getting clogged with debris. All of these are legit reasons to dislike sanding. It doesn't have to be that way.

The primary design consideration behind all Festool power tools is dust extraction. We take pride in providing users of our tools with phenomenal dust extraction. Until you experience Festool's pioneering dust extraction technology first hand, you may not believe that it's possible to achieve near-dust-free woodworking.

We believe so strongly in the importance of dust extraction, that we offer packages comprised of a Festool CT dust extractor and a Festool power tool. These packages offer instant savings versus purchasing these items separately.

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