Win a Festool TS 55 REQ + CT 26 HEPA Dust Extractor!

Upgrade to Festool Track Saw quality and precision.

There are a lot of people who still believe you can only get straight, splinter-free cuts in a shop using expensive panel saws, table saws, and CNC equipment. Getting quality cuts with portable power tools doesn't have to be difficult or expensive with a Festool track saw. The truth is…that with the right power tools, anyone can get great results in the shop or on the jobsite. Straight, splinter-free cuts are easy, once you know the secret.

Whether making perpendicular or beveled cuts, the superior design of Festool track saws allows you to use the same cut line, ensuring perfectly straight, splinter-free cuts. Festool's MMC electronics mean that your cuts will be burn-free and glue-ready, even in thicker or stacked material.

Festool offers two track saw models to match your specific needs. The new TS 55 REQ is lightweight and offers a cut capacity of 1-15/16" and 1200 watts of power. The larger, more powerful TS 75 can cut up to 2-3/4" with a 1600 watt motor.

Tracksaw flush cuts

Unbelievably simple. Incredibly versatile.

Big on power, yet small and lightweight enough to go where the work takes you, the newly redesigned TS 55 REQ makes quick work of sheet goods with greater precision and far more versatility than any table saw or panel saw. Pair it with the MFT/3 multifunction table to get material cutting capacity and versatility you won't find with even the most advanced miter saw. Your stationary equipment will quickly begin to collect dust, and from the very first cut, your biggest regret will be that you didn't try guided rail cutting sooner.

Track saw precision and cut quality.

Looking for a solution that delivers precise, splinter-free and glue-ready cuts, that requires mere seconds to set up? Or perhaps you're looking for a better, more efficient way to process sheet goods at any angle, without having to build some complex jig or strain your back by lifting a 75 lb sheet up onto a table saw.

As anyone with experience using a TS track saw can tell you, the Festool System allows you do all that and much more, all while offering superior precision and quality of cut. Choose from the lightweight TS 55 REQ for cuts up to 1-15/16" in depth or the larger TS 75 for cuts up to 2-3/4" in depth.

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Experience track saw versatility.

With a well-rounded assortment of accessories, the Festool track saw system provides a complete solution for virtually all of your most common sawing tasks. Whether you're processing sheet goods, jointing lumber, scribing doors, making complex angle cuts, cross cutting, plunge cutting insets, or installing flooring, the Festool TS track saw will exceed your expectations and those of your client.

In conjunction with our HEPA CT Dust Extractors, enjoy virtually dust-free operation in your client's home. The MFT/3 Multifunction Table acts as a cross cut and clamping station to further complement the track saw system.

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Festool Track Saw

Meet the saw of your dreams.

Stop making cuts the hard way with less than perfect results. The Festool track saw system is a better solution than a table saw, panel saw or miter saw for most cuts. Upgrade to a Festool track saw today and start experiencing buttery smooth cuts that are forehead-slapping simple to make. Our risk-free guarantee let's you buy with confidence, knowing that your expectations will be met or your money back.

Zero tearout cuts with a track saw.

Can you tell which of these cuts was made with the Festool track saw? Other saws provide no method for preventing chipping, especially in veneers and melamine, which results in poor cut quality, as in the top two examples.

The bottom cut was made with a Festool track saw. The anti-splinter strip on the guide rail (track) prevents tear out on one side of the blade and the plastic splinterguard on the saw protects the off-cut from chipping.

Chip out in melamine



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